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Study: Smaller, Independent Stores Generating Sales from Pinterest

Great example of how social media can help small businesses & business owners reach & connect with customers in an efficient intimate relevant way. Social media marketing levels the playing field and helps the mom & pop with a little-to-zero advertising budget compete with a million-dollar corporation simply by engaging an audience that shares similar passions.

Compare the techniques of inbound marketing / social media marketing (the NEW marketing) to the LOUD INTERRUPTIVE IMPERSONAL forms of communication offered by traditional advertising, and you wonder how people ever put up with it.

The Trend Curator

I am such a info junkie! This article I thought was quite informational for stores to see what categories the actual consumer is looking for. It’s a great way to see if the mix in your store is stocked with the right categories. – Blanche

Study: Smaller, Independent Stores Generating Sales from Pinterest

July 17, 2012 by Accessories StaffLeave a Comment

Los Angeles—If you think Pinterest, the social media site that allows users to pin images and share them, is nothing more than a glorified scrapbook, think again.

According to the latest study from Bizrate Insights Image Sharing and Shopping Series, nearly one in five online shoppers claim that their recent purchase at was made after seeing the image on Pinterest. Branded stores came in second at 13% and small boutiques at…

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Steez Of The Week: The Advertising Work Of Dr. Seuss

by Michael Campos

KC Ifeanyi over at Fast Company was awesome enough to spotlight the early advertising work of legendary wordsmith and illustrator Dr. Seuss, whose masterfully crafted children’s stories have charmed generations of humans young and old.

The ads feature a creative playfulness, flavor and style distinctly Seussian, and in them we see the man’s genius sharpening and shaping up in the sandbox of commercial art. And as the great David Ogilvy said, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

To see the advertising artwork of Dr. Seuss, click: Before Green Eggs: See The Advertising Work Of Dr. Seuss


Last week’s Steez Of The Week: Whatever’s Comfortable by Southern Comfort

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Management Has Nothing To Do With Age

Yes. Thank you Courtney 🙂 — Michael Campos

A Quick Way To Get More Pinterest Followers

by Michael Campos

If you’re on Pinterest and looking to grow your following, a quick way is to harvest your Facebook Page audience. Thanks to Woobox, anyone can integrate a Pinterest tab on their Facebook Page quickly, easily, and completely free. Just visit:

The Pinterest app on your Facebook page will let your audience view your Pinterest boards and pins while staying on Facebook. They will only be transferred to Pinterest when they comment on or repin a pin.

Some of your Facebook fans may not use Pinterest or know that you’re on there, so this is a simple and effective way of spreading the word.

To maximize the effectiveness of Pinterest for promoting a message, service or product, check out The 10 Commandments Of Using Pinterest For Business

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Can You Handle These Truths About Social Media?

by Michael Campos

An article published today by Fast Company Magazine features six realities about social media that may not make everyone happy.

Those “unpleasant truths” are:

1.  Engagement can’t be seen in dollars.

2. Social is just Public Relations in overdrive

3. Money can’t buy everything.

4. Facebook isn’t a megaphone.

5. You’re being watched.

6. Content rarely goes viral.

For detailed explanations on each “unpleasant truth” about social media, read the complete original article by Fast Company by visiting:

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The 10 Commandments Of Using Pinterest For Business [Infographic]

by Michael Campos

The savvy, creative minds at Socially Sorted and Mookoo Design have brought to life this clever infographic etched with ten excellent tips for using Pinterest for business.  Anyone engaged in social media marketing, inbound marketing or just curious about how to maximize the visually driven network would do well to follow these guidelines.

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Facebook’s Redesigned Photos Help You Tell Your Story

Highlight your favorite photos and tell your story more visually.

by Michael Campos

New Photo Experience

Facebook announced via its Newsroom that it has improved the photos section of personal profiles to “make viewing photos more enjoyable.” When users click “photos” at the top of their Timeline, they’ll see larger pictures that fill up the page, and can use the menu to find photos they’re tagged in, pictures they have shared and albums they’ve created.

Users will also be able to highlight their photos by clicking the star button at the top right of the pictures, which helps make favorite photos stand out. As of this posting, Facebook says it will “continue to improve the experience and then begin rolling it out globally.”

To learn more about the new photo features, visit:

Facebook Launches New Social Media Marketing Tool

by Michael Campos

Enhanced Facebook Page Post Targeting

Tech Crunch reported last week that Facebook has rolled out “Page Post Target Enhancing” to allow brand / business Facebook Pages to target their posts to followers within certain ages, genders, relationship status, education information, workplace, and other characteristics. This allows businesses to tailor their content for specific audiences.

You can now make a single message appeal to different demographics through a tweak in word choice, photo or video. This tool can really help  marketers that use Facebook who are able to commit the time to crafting targeted messages.

Do you find this tool helpful? Do you plan on using it? I’m not sure yet if I’ll use it for any of my clients’ campaigns but I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!

photo courtesy of TechCrunch

To read more about Facebook’s new social media marketing feature, visit:

Steez of the Week: Southern Comfort

Found this awesome new commercial by Southern Comfort while browsing Chris Brogan‘s blog.

This commercial has COOL written all over it. I love it because it ignores the traditional mainstream marketing method of deploying imagery and actors that create a sense of anxiety within the viewer — I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, wealthy enough, but if I buy A, B or C, I might get closer to attaining that… — and takes the complete opposite approach: here’s a person who more closely resembles what “real people” look like, i.e. not-so-perfect-looking, and has a swagger like it’s nobody’s business.The confidence and  coolness he exudes are byproducts of his being comfortable in his own skin.

This is a celebration of embracing who you are, recognizing that you’re unique, and understanding that just being yourself is the way to go, even if it’s not always the easiest.

Have you come across a video, photo or piece of copy that you feel exudes COOL like no other? Please share 🙂

— Michael Campos

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