Howdy! Thank you for visiting The Social Steez, my social media marketing blog, the aim of which is to educate, enlighten and engage people on how to effectively transform social media networks into platforms for spreading their vision and voice.

Gone are the days where only large, multi-limbed corporations can access an audience. With the tech tools available today, i.e. social media, a small business or independent artist can find an audience, cultivate a relationship-based community, and effectively grow their brand. Social media is a new hyperspeed highway for world-changing ideas to catch speed. Let me explain.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan writes in her story, “Black Box” : Technology has afforded ordinary people a chance to glow in the cosmos of human achievement.

Social media is one potent example of this kind of technology. It can, will, and is revolutionizing the way humans connect, do business and share ideas. It centers around love, passion and creativity, all of which The Social Steez will deal with over time. In my post titled “Evolution of Marketing by Word-Of-Mouth, With a Business Lesson from Jiu-Jitsu“, I call social media “word-of-mouth on steroids.”

Understand this: Humans are a social species, have been since ever since, will be until the end of days. It’s coded masterfully into our DNA and hard-wired into our brains. It’s what helped our species survive, evolve, adapt and dominate.

By tapping into this primordial power, individuals, brands and businesses can tell their stories, spread their message and share the results of their hard work with the rest of humanity.

What’s with the name? you might ask. Well, if you aren’t familiar with the word “steez,” it’s a portmanteau of the words “style” and “ease” or the phrase “style with ease.” It is one’s way of being in the world, how one expresses the Self. I’ll even go as far as saying steez is the manifestation and artful expression of one’s soul. Yeah, steez is soul.

So my goal for this blog is to fill it with guidelines and examples on how to deploy social media as a marketing tool with both style and ease. I would love nothing more than to see you surf the social seas with a steez of your own, carving out new channels for your ideas to flourish.


Michael Campos


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