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Steez of The Week: Stream Economy

Okay, so this video from Gary V. has been around for a couple of months, but I just recently came across it. While it’s not “artsy fartsy” on the surface like previous Steez of The Week picks, this one still possesses a poetics that commands attention and demands further insight.

First of all, the idea is on-point: in the new hyperkinetic and -connected world we live in, there exist such a thing as the “stream economy”, which, according to Gary V., is the way humans consume content, and the way we consume content matters. I’ll let the master deliver the message for himself, but one thing I want to highlight out is his final point: Microcontent is going to rule the day.

This video, all 2 minutes and 26 seconds of it, is an example of microcontent, and for the geeks out there, can be considered a form of meta-content, i.e. content that is self-conscious of the devices it uses to convey the message. Or maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep last night.



Steez Of The Week: The Advertising Work Of Dr. Seuss

by Michael Campos

KC Ifeanyi over at Fast Company was awesome enough to spotlight the early advertising work of legendary wordsmith and illustrator Dr. Seuss, whose masterfully crafted children’s stories have charmed generations of humans young and old.

The ads feature a creative playfulness, flavor and style distinctly Seussian, and in them we see the man’s genius sharpening and shaping up in the sandbox of commercial art. And as the great David Ogilvy said, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

To see the advertising artwork of Dr. Seuss, click: Before Green Eggs: See The Advertising Work Of Dr. Seuss


Last week’s Steez Of The Week: Whatever’s Comfortable by Southern Comfort

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Steez of the Week: Southern Comfort

Found this awesome new commercial by Southern Comfort while browsing Chris Brogan‘s blog.

This commercial has COOL written all over it. I love it because it ignores the traditional mainstream marketing method of deploying imagery and actors that create a sense of anxiety within the viewer — I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, wealthy enough, but if I buy A, B or C, I might get closer to attaining that… — and takes the complete opposite approach: here’s a person who more closely resembles what “real people” look like, i.e. not-so-perfect-looking, and has a swagger like it’s nobody’s business.The confidence and  coolness he exudes are byproducts of his being comfortable in his own skin.

This is a celebration of embracing who you are, recognizing that you’re unique, and understanding that just being yourself is the way to go, even if it’s not always the easiest.

Have you come across a video, photo or piece of copy that you feel exudes COOL like no other? Please share 🙂

— Michael Campos

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