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Top Tactics For Engaging Fans On Facebook

To kick off the New Year, Check out HubSpot’s brand new inbound / social media marketing guide, “How To Engage Fans On Facebook.”

The experts at the leading marketing software company have identified, analyzed and compiled best practices and techniques for engaging consumers on Facebook. Read through, follow the advice and start generating engagement!

Happy New Year 🙂

If the slideshow isn’t playing above, please click here: How To Engage Fans On Facebook 
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Did You Know Social Media Is A Lot Like…Sex?

HubSpot presents an insanely creative slideshow on how social media and social media marketing are a lot like sex. Mind-blowing humor, wit and wisdom saturate this slideshow. (If you can’t see the slideshow below, click this link or the one below.)

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The Mindset Divide: How Do You Use Social Media?

A new study from LinkedIn of 6,000+ social media users from 12 countries sheds some light on how different people use social networks. This great LinkedIn infographic (which I found on the ever-informative and insightful HubSpot blog) clearly explains the research findings:

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Steez Of The Week: The Advertising Work Of Dr. Seuss

by Michael Campos

KC Ifeanyi over at Fast Company was awesome enough to spotlight the early advertising work of legendary wordsmith and illustrator Dr. Seuss, whose masterfully crafted children’s stories have charmed generations of humans young and old.

The ads feature a creative playfulness, flavor and style distinctly Seussian, and in them we see the man’s genius sharpening and shaping up in the sandbox of commercial art. And as the great David Ogilvy said, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

To see the advertising artwork of Dr. Seuss, click: Before Green Eggs: See The Advertising Work Of Dr. Seuss


Last week’s Steez Of The Week: Whatever’s Comfortable by Southern Comfort

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Steez of the Week: Southern Comfort

Found this awesome new commercial by Southern Comfort while browsing Chris Brogan‘s blog.

This commercial has COOL written all over it. I love it because it ignores the traditional mainstream marketing method of deploying imagery and actors that create a sense of anxiety within the viewer — I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, wealthy enough, but if I buy A, B or C, I might get closer to attaining that… — and takes the complete opposite approach: here’s a person who more closely resembles what “real people” look like, i.e. not-so-perfect-looking, and has a swagger like it’s nobody’s business.The confidence and  coolness he exudes are byproducts of his being comfortable in his own skin.

This is a celebration of embracing who you are, recognizing that you’re unique, and understanding that just being yourself is the way to go, even if it’s not always the easiest.

Have you come across a video, photo or piece of copy that you feel exudes COOL like no other? Please share 🙂

— Michael Campos

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How Has Marketing Evolved Into The Species It Is Today? (w/ cool HubSpot Graphic)

by Michael Campos

This cool graphic from HubSpot illustrates how marketing has transformed from something annoying, impersonal and interruptive to something valuable, insightful and engaging. With the advent of social media, and eventually social media marketing, brands are finding and engaging in the conversations people are already having, as opposed to interrupting them and forcing a conversation that may or may not be relevant.

How Marketing Evolved Into Something People Actually Love

Visual: How Marketing Evolved Into Something People Actually Love

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How Is Using Social Media Going To Help Me?

by Michael Campos

I’ve heard many people ask: How exactly does social media help my idea, product or service? What does it do for my brand that the mainstream marketing outlets can’t?

Even the big global brands that are using social media as part of their marketing strategies ask these questions, and for good reason. Social media marketing is a new species that still needs time under the microscope. While there are plenty of brilliant adventurers exploring the vast frontiers of social media, it will still be some time before it’s completely understood, and by that time, the medium may have evolved into a whole new beast.

Well, my answer is this: You’ll never find out if you don’t step through the glass separating the watchers from the doers. Experience is the best teacher.

However, many people hesitate to act because they’ve been taught to analyze the potential return on an investment before pulling the trigger. This doesn’t work when it comes to social media, because social media should not be thought of as an investment in and of itself. Sure, it requires an investment of time, and maybe dollars if you’ve hired someone to manage your social media, but people who want to discover and experience the magic of social media marketing need to look at it from a different angle.

To me, social media is a tool. It’s a valuable, powerful and fun tool. When used correctly, it presents its master with the ability to reach an audience, engage with them and compel them to act.

And that’s what we’re all here for right? We want to reach an audience. We want to share our ideas, our stories, our pictures, our products and our services because we believe they possess something special, something of value that can help change people’s lives for the better.

Think about email for a second. Email is a tool, and there’s certain investments required to use it, including time, money spent for electricity, a computer, and the internet, but can one measure the monetary gain achieved from using email? Probably not. And besides, who cares? People chalk it up as a cost of doing business and understand that its absence will cause a company more harm than good.

Like it or not, the further along a you go without a social media presence, the further away from from people’s minds you will be. Eventually it will come to a point when a brand, company or individual’s absence in the social media realm may equal their absence from the minds of those who matter most. If you aren’t convinced, just ask yourself: Would I do business with a person or company who didn’t use email?

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