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HubSpot Infographic: Top SEO Tips From SEO Experts

To quote Captain Obvious, “The way consumers find products and services has changed a lot. It’s changed because of a little big thing called search engines. Like that Google fellow my wife is always spending time with.”

Yes, search engines have changed the marketing game. It’s caused people to be more active in their quest for things. Businesses no longer have to look for consumers; they have to get found by the ones looking for them. Here are some Search Engine Optimization tips from the experts to help you get found. (via HubSpot)


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How Has Marketing Evolved Into The Species It Is Today? (w/ cool HubSpot Graphic)

by Michael Campos

This cool graphic from HubSpot illustrates how marketing has transformed from something annoying, impersonal and interruptive to something valuable, insightful and engaging. With the advent of social media, and eventually social media marketing, brands are finding and engaging in the conversations people are already having, as opposed to interrupting them and forcing a conversation that may or may not be relevant.

How Marketing Evolved Into Something People Actually Love

Visual: How Marketing Evolved Into Something People Actually Love

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